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Relationship Concerns

Relationship issues can affect every aspect of your life and I enjoy working with every type of relationship. Let's work through these concerns together.

Life Transitions

Whether it's young adulthood, independence, marriage, parenthood or caring for an aging parent - I'm happy to help you navigate this new phase of life.


Dad’s go through profound changes as they enter fatherhood. Their world is forever changed and often in ways they did not expect. Typical masculine norms often make it difficult to reach out and seek support from other dads. Come on in and let’s talk about it.

Helping Professions

Doctors, therapists and other helping professionals often see themselves as healer without recognizing their own need for care. Let's work together so that you can serve to your fullest.

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Making changes

Life presents us with challenges on a daily basis. Your individual process in surmounting these challenges can be informative about the person you are. Change can occur by a combination of increasing awareness of the self and what motivates you, and a clear assessment of what is truly important to you.

What's important to you?

For most of us, the values we hold provide us with direction in life. And also for most of us, our values get clouded by the white noise provided by the world around us. I can help you bring those values to light and I will challenge you to take actions that serve those values.

Uncovering patterns

We establish our behavior patterns over the course of our lives. Shaped by family, loved ones, educators, society; by the time we reach adulthood, the way we act and react has become engrained. In many cases our style of acting and interacting can be problematic. Often it is our negative emotions such as fear and insecurity that dictate our actions for us. This type of approach can impede our progress in life and keep us “stuck.” Work with me to uncover the patterns you have developed and select behaviors more in line with your values.

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About Dr. Westheimer

Dr. Josh Westheimer grew up in Houston, Texas, where he resided through high school. He attended The Colorado College for his undergraduate studies where he majored in Spanish. After college, Dr. Westheimer went to spend several years in the San Francisco Bay Area where he worked in digital advertising around the time of the first dot com boom. He became interested in psychology and mental health while conducting research on refugee mental health with a professor of psychology in San Francisco.

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other areas of specialization

  • Depressed Mood

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Chronic illness (patients and loved ones)

  • Bereavements, Grief/Loss

  • Health behavior change

  • Adults

  • Young adults

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